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Holiday card collection


Create seasonal greeting cards for personal use. 



In 2017, I had explored drawing and painting animals more than ever before. I chose a giraffe for this  first card because being six feet tall, I feel a certain kinship with the animal. I fitted her in winter gear and skates - this portion of the design is completed in gouache. I created some simple angular trees in a mix of watercolour and gouache. I placed these elements in a Photoshop document to edit the colours and arrange the layout. The greeting was done in watercolour, and also scanned and added the document. I completed the layout using InDesign. My final digital steps were to add my website and name to the back of the card. After getting the cards printed, I added textural elements using glue and glitter to add depth and a touch of something special and festive.   The following year, I wanted to create more designs, including a small red cottage in a wintery scene and another giraffe. I used a similar combination of traditional and digital methods to make 2018's cards.


Please contact  me for any commission  inquiries!