BRIEF: Design and illustrate cover art for the client's podcast that was more bright and eye-catching than the previous cover art.

PROCESS: I began by creating a mood board of inspiration to the client - I selected different colours and typefaces that would be a good fit for the design for the client to approve. I also sent a selection of other podcast covers that I thought conveyed a similar story as Tiffany was trying to achieve. Additionally, I sent three thumbnail sketches that showed potential layouts for the new cover art. From there, I took Tiffany's selection and feedback to create a first draft. I began with an illustration (opting for a digital medium to make the image easier to scale and edit) and then played around with different typefaces. Finally, I added some details like the 'scratches' in the background and rings around the byline to add more visual interest. I also create two colour ways of this initial draft to give the client a couple options to choose from. After this first round of iteration, the client gave specific feedback - mostly focused on some changes to the illustration. After sending a second draft, the client asked for version of the cover that fits the Youtube banner space, as she uploads her podcast there as well as iTunes. Along with these two final images, I was sure to send separate images with transparent backgrounds of the portrait, title, and byline individually, for her to be able to use versatilely for promotion across other platforms. 



"She was so professional working with me - just the best. She was great at taking suggestions and changes and edits and she's just wonderful."


- Tiffany Ferguson

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