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CANVAS Painting

Create a large scale painting to hang in a formal living/dining room space. 




This is the largest piece I'd ever made, and sitting staring at a blank 36'x48' canvas was intimidating to begin with. Although this is a personal piece, it hangs in my family home, so it had to suit the tastes of the rest of my family members, not just myself. This lead to the first iteration of the painting being a landscape, based off of a study I'd done earlier in the year. I learned quickly that while that had worked on a small scale, in a more abstract sense, my style didn't translate to this size. I found a quick doodle I had done a week prior of a falling person and that became my launching point for the new direction of the painting. I filled the canvas with these falling people - this iteration was much more true to myself and consequently leaves me much happier than the initial traditional landscape. 


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