BRIEF: Create a logo for the 2017 Intercollegiate Peace Fellowship Conference on Restorative Justice. The main themes and imagery were of trees, roots, connection, and grassroots social justice. The intended use of this logo was for posters promoting the event.

PROCESS: I began with sketching the general shapes that I thought the final product would be. I then looked at different ways of drawing treetops. The biggest obstacle in this project was finding a way to incorporate roots without complicating the design. Roots by nature are intricate and simplifying the imagery would lose the intention. After several iterations, I was happy with the final icon and layout of text. I made a few final adjustments based on feedback from the client, which resulted in the final product used on promotional materials. After this submission, the client reached out to request a modified logo to be used on shirts. I made the entire logo one colour, and modified the tree placement and size, as well as shape of the roots for a more apparel-friendly  design. 

Initial sketches