I make your ideas come to life with beautiful handcrafted designs.
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Client: Tiffany Ferguson

Completed: November 2018

Medium: Adobe Photoshop

Client: Student Work

Completed: December 2017

Client: Kai Butterfield

Completed: September 2017

Medium: Adobe Photoshop

Client: University of Waterloo Stratford Campus Orientation

Completed: August 2017

Medium: Adobe InDesign


Client: Myself

Completed: July 2018

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Client: Myself

Completed: January 2018

Medium: Gouache

Client: Myself

Completed: December 2017/2018

Medium: Multimedia

Client: Myself

Completed: August 2016

Medium: Interior Paint



My name is Avneet - I'm six feet tall and I never learned how to play basketball, so now I'm an illustrator and designer. 

Get in touch  if you are looking for bright illustrations  or designs that have been crafted with care. Through a collaborative process, we'll take your ideas from sketches on paper to an impactful digital product. Let's get started.